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2-Captain Patrick Brown

3-Points of Light
The Captain Patrick J. Brown Memorial Foundation's New Website

If you recall this year's Fund Raiser was supposed to have taken place last year, but because of Hurricane Sandy it was postponed and eventually cancelled.
Our 7th Annual Event was two fold, to raise money and to raise awareness. We decided to support
Leadership Under Fire, a new organization dedicated to providing jobs to our returning war heroes.
"This war will soon conclude and our returning Vets will soon enter the hometown job market",
so says Jason Brezler from Rescue 1 FDNY
and a former US Marine.
Jason decided to name this transition program,
"The Paddy Brown Program" because he knew that
Capt. Patrick Brown was probably the first Vet to transition into the FDNY from the USMC.
The program provides support through class room instruction and seminars to help the Vet get acquainted with the rigors of the Fire Service.
We hope the money we raised will help them do just that. We raised close to $3,000.00 for this cause.
In closing we would like to Thank Larry Monachelli,
owner of Rigby's for his generosity of
hosting another successful event.
Thank You's go out to our servers:
Elaine, Jennifer, and Carol, Bob and Max.
To our helpers-Linda and Maryann.
Thanks also goes out to Harper's Ferry.
Their band played at our event and they were
highly entertaining. They will be back at Rigby's on Saturday November 30th, so see to it to be there
for a great night of Irish and Contemporary Music.
Another Thank You goes out to Tina Atherall from
Hope For The Warriors for her support.
Thanks also goes out to the
FDNY Pipes & Drums for their performance.
And finally, kudos to "Xiomara", our new photographer.
Please enjoy her pictures, below.
Thanks to all who attended and made it the success it was.


Carolyn Brown is surrounded by her "3" Truck Family

6th Annual Fund Raiser: Another Success
On the day after Veteran's Day (11/11/11) we celebrated the
Paddy Brown Fund Raiser,
and although it was a lighter turn out then in recent years it was a good time just the same.

Many Thanks to Eleanor Rigby's for hosting the event,
namely Larry Monachelli, proprietor.
Great food and refreshing drinks served by his crack staff.
Many Thanks to Lisa for being our emcee
and for helping with the raffles.
Thanks also goes out to Maryanne for assisting.
Thanks to Carol & Jody for manning the doors, Elaine and Sue-Ann at the bar, Max and James for being everywhere
and the rest of the kitchen staff.
And of course thanks to all of you out there who attended.
Without any further ado, here are the pictures of our event...

For pictures of Past Parties Look below
beginning with our 2009 Fund Raiser,
For the 2010 event look on the Home Page.
Below a picture of Our Veteran Friends
Aaron Coffin-currently Stateside,
Mark Little-currently activated
Chris Levy-currently enjoying his home in Holbrook
Chris Carlsen-currently stateside
Please keep in your prayers these Veterans
and all our men and women in Harms Way
defending our freedom on foreign lands.

Aaron Coffin, Mark Little, Chris Levy and Chris Carlsen

Not Just on Veteran's Day BUT Everyday!


and now...    Pictures from the 2009 Fund Raiser.

Above Pictures from our First Fund Raiser
at The Puck Building
Below enjoy Pictures from our
Second Fund Raiser

  at Webster Hall
 in 2007
Check back for pictures from our 2008 Fund Raiser...
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